Rdesktop is a great way to connect to Windows Desktops.

But there is a pesky drawback. How to change your windows password?

Pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete usally results in your operating system doing some stuff, instead of forwarding the key combo to the Windows RDP server.
The alternative Ctrl+Alt+End combo never worked for me.

Then I came across a great way to send the required key combination:
namely use Sticky Keys !

find that when I type Shift 5 times in a row, a window pops up from the
Windows guest asking if I want to use Sticky Keys, I type Enter to
Then I can type Ctrl by itself, then Alt by itself, then
Delete by itself, and the remote-desktop guest sees a usual
Ctrl-Alt-Delete and opens the login screen.
The host OS does not see or respond to the Sticky-Keys Ctrl-Alt-Del.”

In short: hit Shift
5 times, Enter in the Sticky-Keys popup, Ctrl down & release, Alt
down & release, Delete down & release = Ctrl-Alt-Del

And you get the option to change your password !